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Home Buyers Process (5 Video Episodes)


Knowing When You’re Ready


Mortgage Lending 101

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The Offer

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Closing Time

Home Sweet Home


Buying a home in today’s market is at best a very complicated process. There are many nuances involved which can only be learned through experience and rarely through online research. Why? you might ask. Because Real Estate is local. Not only to the areas where a property may be located, but also to the particular situation of the Sellers, Buyers and the negotiation itself. This is why working with a Realtor® who is familiar with the local customs, and knows how to utilize the system, is the best strategty you can use when looking to purchase a home.

Below are 5 videos created by the National Association of Realtors. They’re designed to help you understand the key elements you must consider when starting the Home Buying process.  Some of the processes stated in the videos are different in Silicon Valley.

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